Omid fatemian
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Omid Fatemian

Construction MBA (Civil House), Environmental Engineer (Master), Civil engineer (Bachelor)
PMI member Information

Working Years: 10 years
Companies & Projects Details
Aradhco group: Shareholder, Founder/ Design, Plan, Execute based on BIM.
(From: 2012 until now). Main Responsibilities, Activities ,and, achievement:
 Project management: make a system performing based on PMBOK.
 General management: engineers, assistants, worker, accountant management.
 Feasibility Study: based on Comfar and Excel and achieve high benefit projects.
 Building Information Modeling: achieve better understanding of projects from Design to Operate, less reworks, high quality, save costs up to 20%.
 Projects Monitoring and controlling: using MSP and Excel, create dashboards and save times and cost. In parallel achieve higher quality based on project scopes.
 Executing project: using technical and management knowledge to increase efficiency, direct work based on standards, regulations, and, experiences.
 Designing and modeling architectural objects, facades, and, etc. with high speed and less mistakes by sketch up and Autocad.
 Conduct Procurement: based on standards, regulations, and, experiences with full details, paying attention to every details to manage the claims and avoid money loss.

Irato Construction Company: Shareholder, Portfolio and project management
(From: 2018 until now). Main Responsibilities and Activities:
 Portfolio management include create and upgrade bidding, project selection, and, project interrelation strategy, business planning, resource planning, value assessment
 Project management
 General management: plan and monitor functional manager responsibilities and increase efficiency, direct the works in alignment with strategic goal and etc.
 Feasibility Study (choosing projects )
 Projects Monitoring and controlling
 Executing project
 Designing and modeling architectural objects and facades and planes
 Conduct Procurement
BT Construction Company: Project management office member
(From: 2017 – to: 2018). Main Responsibilities and Activities:
 Feasibility Study ( Create information using Comfar and excel based on economic and technical data for managers about choosing projects )
 Projects control (Define scope, creating WBS using Msp then create outputs using excel to control projects and generate report to managers)
 Designing and modeling architectural objects and facades and planes
 Tried to make a system in the company to perform based on PMBOK

Elahieh residential project: Civil Eng. Structural Inspector-Supervisor
(From: 2012 – to: 2017). Main Responsibilities and Activities:
 Structural Inspector ( concrete and steel structural works)
 Supervisor(all structural and architectural works)
 Designing and modeling architectural objects and facades and planes
 Designing and modeling nonstructural objects and detailing
Steel project( 10 residential story) in Elahieh (North of Tehran
Software used: Autocad, Google sketch up, Etabs, Safe
Burg company: Civil Engineer -Structural Designer (from: 2012 –to: 2013)
Farmanie project: Civil Engineer -Structural Inspector-Supervisor
(From: 2011 –to: 2012). “Same as Elahieh residential project”
Ati Naghsh Hamraz Company: Civil Engineer-Structural Designer (from: 2010 –to: 2011)
Elahieh project: Civil Engineer -Structural Inspector.
(from: 2009 –to: 2010) “Same as Elahieh residential project”
Taavoni Maskan Jam e Jam Company: Civil ENG-Structural Inspector
(from: 2008 –to: 2009) “Same as Elahieh residential project”
IT & Computer Skills: Autocad- Etabs- Safe- Google sketch up (modeling)-Microsoft Office- P6- Comfar- MSP.
Training & Certification: Construction MBA- Iranian professional civil engineer for executing and monitoring-controlling- Law (fundamental) Finance (fundamental)- PMBOK 6th edition- Claim management Strategic management- Public Law- Value engineering- System engineering
Project management office establishment- Team leading- HSE- Construction Equipment Management- Etabs and safe modeling and designing- Building inspection (steel and concrete structure, mechanical and electrical, laws for urban constructing)- Lag analysis- Negotiation- Contract management.

Interests , Hobbies & Activities
Skiing, Yoga, Chess, Body building, Swimming.
Publications & Memberships
Iranian Society Of Structural Engineers (NGO).
ACI-A306 R10 translation (Book that I wrote).
My goal is always to gain more profit for the companies. I believe the more working skillfully the more you gain for yourself and the organization you work for. The most important part is that everyone should know the target they work for to concentrate fully in the way to achieve it. This is my main strategy when managing resources.