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Homayoun Zolnourian

In the name of God

Resume for education and training

۱-M.S of Architecture.

۲-lecturer (Free-Academic-Razi Kermanshah) 17 years now.

۳-Dimensional Organization of Engineering and Building and the Head of the Architectural Committee of Kermanshah .Iran.

۴-The UNICEF World Organization for the Protection of Children

۵-International degree from the UK IEC

۶-International Certificate of Australia C Qual Assurance

۷-Holds a management certificate from the Iranian Industries Office

۸-Elected Managing Directors in 2015 in Mashhad, Holy National Library of Iran

۹-Familiarity with English language proficiency from the Cambridge College in Iran (Kavian Research Center).

۱۰-Certificate of Crisis Management from the Ministry of the Interior

۱۱-Director of Consulting company sakht azma.

۱۲-play gitar

۱۳-profesional athlete: Gymnastic- karate.

۱۴-I taught at the University of Architecture for 17 years.

۱۵-I am minority.

I have ۱۲,۰۰۰ Rando effects owned by myself regarding architecture.

I create masterpieces with hands free.


Oil paint —- watercolor —- color pencil —– pencil —– coffee —- tea —- —- marker —– rapids —-are my skills Technique painting.

B. Executive and technical resume

۱- Project Manager and Designer of Kermanshah Chemical Town (1997)

۲-Designer of Mountain Park (PART 2) in Kermanshah, 2002

۳-Designer of the Kermanshah Oriental Park in 2000

۴- Designer of Chaman Park in Kermanshah, 2001

۵-The designer of the ZEMKAN dam in 2010

۶-Designer of the Telecabin area of Kermanshah city in 1999

۷-Designer of the building of Kermanshah Housing Foundation in 2000

۸-Supervisor of residential and residential projects of the Housing Foundation in Sistan . Baluchestan


۹-Designer of more than 500 villages in the war-torn west of theIRAN country; preparing rural and rural land plans; implementing rural roads; monitoring and designing rural housing patterns; and determining the interior spaces of the villages; monitoring and designing of the earthquake villages; and participating in the reconstruction of the three major earthquakes in West, Azarbaijan- Kerman (Bravoat) and hundreds of executive projects in the context of rural and rural tourism, 1995-2005

۱۰- Designer of Kermanshah TaGHBOSTAN Boulevard, 1999

۱۱-Designer of the Modarres Street in Kermanshah.

۱۲-Designer of Service and Expedition Centers between Tehran-Arak Highway 1999

۱۳-Designer of the Laboratory of the River of Water Research

۱۴-Designer and supervisor of  KISH( area_ Hospital)2009-2008

۱۵-Designer of the 256 housing complex of Kermanshah Housing Foundation in 2002

۱۶-Designer of the 1800-units integrated housing complex in Kermanshah, 2003

۱۷-Designer of 120 units of housing complex in Kermanshah 2004

۱۸-The fifth person of the city’s amusement and recreation center in Japan ozaka.

۱۹-Designer and project manager of the GvoshanDam 2009

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