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تخصص: خوردگیسرامیکمتالورژی

Identification and selection of ceramic and metal materials

Familiar with the construction of thick wall vessels

Familiar with the construction of thin wall vessels

Familiar with the construction of the combustion chamber

Familiarity with the construction of fuel injectors

Familiar with the construction of pressure vessels

Being fluent in accurate measurement methods

Mastering the quality control of various engineering parts

Familiar with the heat treatment of various metals

Familiar with space and military standards

Design engineering tests according to standard

Design and manufacture of leakage and insulating joints

Mastering the assembly of mechanical motors

Metals Hot Forming

Ti Gr5&2 Hot Forming

Performing the process of material synthesis ( Solgel,Hot injection, …)

Applying nanostructured coatings ( Deep Coating , Sol Spray , …)

Perform optical tests of catalyst

Welding design of metal fittings

Experienced in supplying raw materials and factory equipment

Experienced in sales and marketing management 

فایل ها (رزومه، نمونه کار و ...)

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